• In Situ Chemical Characterization of Aged Biomass-Burning Aerosols Impacting Cold Wave Closss 

        Author(s):Pratt, K. A.; Heymsfield, A. J.; Twohy, C. H.; Murphy, Shane; Demott, P. J.; Hudson, James G.; Subramanian, R.; Wang, Zhein; Seinfield, John H.; Prather, K. A.
        During the Ice in Clouds Experiment-Layer Clouds (ICE-L), aged biomass-burning particles were identified within two orographic wave cloud regions over Wyoming using single-particle mass spectrometry and electron microscopy. ...
      • Relationships of Biomass-Burning Aerosols to Ice in Orographic Wave Clouds 

        Author(s):Twohy, C. H.; DeMott, P. J.; Pratt, K. A.; Subramanian, R.; Kok, G. L.; Murphy, Shane; Lersch, T.; Heymsfield, A. J.; Wang, Zhien; Prather, K. A.; Seinfeld, J. H.
        Ice concentrations in orographic wave clouds at temperatures between -24° and -29°C were shown to be related to aerosol characteristics in nearby clear air during five research flights over the Rocky Mountains. When clouds ...