• Vertically pointing airborne Doppler radar observations of Kelvin-Helmholtz billows 

        Author(s):Geerts, Bart; Miao, Qun
        A train of Kelvin-Helmholtz billows in a deep stratiform cloud over a mountain range is documented using data from a high-resolution vertically pointing airborne Doppler radar. The billows had a spacing of 2-2.5 km and a ...
      • Constraining Cloud Lifetime Effects of Aerosols using A-Train Satellite Observations 

        Author(s):Wang, M.; Ghan, S.; Liu, Xiaohong; L'Ecuyer, T. S.; Zhang, K.; Morrison, H.; Ovchinnikov, M.; Easter, R.; Marchand, R.; Chand, D.; Qian, Y.; Penner, J. E.
        Aerosol indirect effects have remained the largest uncertainty in estimates of the radiative forcing of past and future climate change. Observational constraints on cloud lifetime effects are particularly challenging since ...