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  • Biology of the invasive New Zealand mudsnail in the GYE 

    Contributor:Krist, Amy
    Date Recorded:2017-08-03
    The invasive New Zealand mudsnail arrived in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (GYE) in 1987 and is also invasive in several other parts of the world. In my talk, I will address interactions between this snail and native ...
  • Tetons alpine streams: unsung heroes of diversity and vulnerability 

    Contributor:Finn, Deb
    Date Recorded:2017-07-27
    Alpine streams are the highest-elevation headwaters of major river basins like the Mississippi and Columbia. Unique ecosystems in their own right, alpine streams support a diversity of animals, plants, and microbes that ...
  • Life on the edge: history and status of Teton Range bighorn sheep 

    Contributor:Dewey, Sarah
    Date Recorded:2017-07-20
    The Teton Range is home to a small population of bighorn sheep whose conservation status is of concern because of its small size, isolation from neighboring herds, low genetic diversity, and loss of historic winter range. ...
  • Life in the tropics: dispersal, reproduction, and survival in tropical birds 

    Contributor:Tarwater, Corey
    Date Recorded:2017-07-13
    Tropical species are predicted to be more vulnerable to environmental changes than many temperate zone species. The majority of future bird extinctions are predicted to be in the tropics owing to continued land-use change ...
  • The role of the acoustic environment in shaping behavior, community structure, and evolution 

    Contributor:Barber, Jesse
    Date Recorded:2017-07-06
    Growth in transportation networks, resource extraction, motorized recreation and urban development is responsible for chronic noise exposure across the globe, including remote wilderness sites. Increased noise levels reduce ...
  • Life on the rocks: A portrait of the American Mountain Goat 

    Contributor:Smith, Bruce
    Date Recorded:2017-06-29
    Bruce Smith’s three years studying and photographing mountain goats in Montana’s Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness Area began a 40-year fascination with our continent’s premier mountaineer. In a beautiful and informative ...
  • Implementing a One Health Approach to Rabies in Wyoming 

    Contributor:Walker, Elizabeth
    One Health is an approach that addresses the interrelation between to animal, human, and environment health. One Health seeks to unite efforts at solving health issues by providing a more holistic approach to public health. ...
  • Twitter Sentiment and the Market 

    Contributor:Marquard, Talon
    The stock market is complex, and influenced by a mixture of machines, amateur traders, professional traders, executives, and the government. By analyzing the market with a variety of methods, it is hoped to find a model ...
  • Healing Hearts Home Health: A Comprehensive Management and Marketing Plan 

    Contributor:Sedar, Juliann
  • Simulation Experiences in Occupational Therapy: Doctoral Curriculum for the University of North Dakota 

    Contributor:Harris, Nicole C.
    Simulation is an emerging tool being utilized in healthcare education to prepare students for clinical learning experiences and entry level practice as future clinicians. Simulation provides health care students with ...
  • Improving Progress: A Look into the Experiences of Employees of the Growing Resilience Project 

    Contributor:Welsh, Ariella
    This project addresses and assesses what it was like working at the Growing Resilience project data collection site for the permanent and temporary employees; furthermore, these findings are used to demonstrate what works ...
  • An Overview of Anatomy 

    Contributor:Huang, Danny;
    The paper discusses the history behind the study of anatomy and how the study of anatomy can be used a foil to discuss religious, social, and cultural implications.
  • Obstructive Sleep Apnea’s Role with Cognition, Multimorbidity, and Mental Health 

    Contributor:Gray, Larissa
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by an obstruction in the throat which halts breathing. Consequently, the person’s sleep is disrupted many times every hour, and affected individuals are at a ...
  • What Are The Implications of an Increasing Elderly Population? 

    Contributor:Wadas, Ali
    The percentage of the population considered elderly is on the rise, and it is expected to keep growing as the baby boomer generation all age into the elderly category. The health care and societal implications of this ...
  • Fishing in Prehistoric Wyoming 

    Contributor:Phillips, Amy
    Recorded history of human habitation in Wyoming dates back about 13,000 years. Wyoming prehistory is characterized by changes in subsistence practices as marked by changes in material culture, such as projectile points. ...
  • Women in Composition 

    Contributor:Ellbogen, Paige;
    Women's success in music composition has been limited by societal perceptions that have labeled women as inferior to men physically, emotionally, and intellectually. These impressions have created barriers for women who ...
  • Navigating Virtual Spaces 

    Contributor:Milbradt, Alexa;
    This study aims to understand better understand individual differences in spatial navigation performance. The researchers tested participants’ abilities using a Morris water maze, a standard design that manipulates proximal ...
  • Investigating the Ability of Bhutanese Teachers to Understand and Carry Out Action Research in Teaching 

    Contributor:Timsina, Prem
    Research demonstrates that teacher action research can help teachers, school and system bring positive change, ultimately impacting the students’ learning. Teacher action research (TAR) has been implemented in Bhutan to ...
  • Data Analysis in Middle School Students: What is the current performance level? 

    Contributor:Marvel, Cody
    This paper presents the results of an investigation of 8th grade science students’ quantitative literacy skills. A unit assessment from 36 regular education students at Centennial Middle School in Casper, WY was analyzed ...
  • Keynote 

    Contributor:Spilovoy, Tanya

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