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        3D synthetic aperture for controlled-source electromagnetics [1]
        Accessed drainage volume and recovery factors of fractured horizontal wells under transient flow [1]
        Active and passive electrical and seismic time-lapse monitoring of earthen embankments [1]
        Agent-based approach to social license durability, An [1]
        Algorithms for increased efficiency of finite element slope stability analysis [1]
        Analysis and dynamic active subspaces for a long term model of HIV [1]
        Analysis of post-wildfire debris flows: climate change, the rational equation, and design of a dewatering brake [1]
        Analysis of synchronous machines with bypassed coils using FEM-based modeling software [1]
        Analytical investigation of boundaries in naturally fractured unconventional reservoirs, An [1]
        Analytical solution and numerical modeling study of gas hydrate saturation effects on porosity and permeability of porous media, An [1]
        Application of mobile robotics concepts to industrial automation [1]
        Application of space-time structured light to controlled high-intensity laser matter interactions in point and line target geometries [1]
        Application of waveform tomography at Campos Basin field, Brazil [1]
        Artificial maturation of oil shale: the Irati Formation from the Paraná Basin, Brazil [1]
        Assessing computational thinking in Computer Science Unplugged activities [1]
        Assessing productivity impairment of surfactant-polymer EOR using laboratory and field data [1]
        Assessing the effect of best management practices on water quality and flow regime in an urban watershed under climate change disturbance [1]
        Automated characterization of uranium-molybdenum fuel microstructures [1]
        Automatic and simultaneous correlation of multiple well logs [1]
        Autothermal reforming of methane for syngas production in a novel ceramic microchannel reactor [1]