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        Sand-body dimensions in outcrop and subsurface, lower Williams Fork formation, Piceance Basin, Colorado [1]
        Scattering response of high frequency ground penetrating radar for DNAPL site characterization [1]
        Seismic hazard map of Iraq [1]
        Seismic interpretation of reservoir systems and facies architecture : North Apsheron Ridge, Caspian Sea [1]
        Seismic velocity calibration : fluids, pressure and frequencies [1]
        Semi-analytical pressure transient model for complex well-reservior systems [1]
        Sequence stratigraphic framework for the Silurian-Devonian bootstrap limestone, Roberts Mountains, and Devonian Popovich formations, northern Carlin trend, Elko and Eureka counties, Nevada [1]
        Sequence stratigraphy and reservoir heterogeneity of the Serang Field, Kutei Basin, Indonesia [1]
        Shelf margin facies of the Kookfontein Formation : impact of process regime changes and delta position relative to the shelf edge [1]
        Shock tube experiments for the determination of petrophysical parameters [1]
        Shock tube experiments measuring and modeling the slow p-wave in low permeability rock cores [1]
        Significance of diffused zone mass storage and rebound in determining the longevity of solute plumes emanating from heterogenous DNAPL source zones [1]
        Simulation of horizontal well tests [1]
        Simulation of pressure transient response of single and dual-lateral wells [1]
        Slope stability analysis and industrial mineral resource assessment of the Nez Perce indian tribe, Mission Creek Quarry, Lewis County Idaho [1]
        Smartbit : in-situ bit/rock interface monitoring device [1]
        Sources and transformations of nitrate in the Turkey Creek Basin of Colorado [1]
        Splitting response of forged steels for use in automotive connecting rods [1]
        Stratigraphic analysis of the Tuluvak Formation, east-central Brooks Range Foothills and North Slope, Alaska [1]
        Stratigraphic and structural interpretation of the Tensleep Sandstone at Sage Creek Field, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming [1]