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        Acetonitrile as a solvent for inorganic reactions [1]
        Activation mechanisms in fatty acid flotation of quartz [1]
        Activities of gold-tellurium alloys [1]
        Adsorption of a radio-active tracer a function of temperature and concentration on unconsolidated sand, The [1]
        Age-hardening characteristics of magnesium-lithium-tin alloys [1]
        Bonding properties of mill waste tailings [1]
        Catalytic upgrading of residual fuel oil [1]
        Comparison of equilibrium ratios obtained by flash and differential liberation processes for three hydrocarbon fluid mixtures of known composition [1]
        Contributions to the solution of the problem of dolomite genesis [1]
        Cyclopropyl compounds of some transition metals [1]
        Design method for presplit blasting, A [1]
        Development of a mathematical model of the classification performance in a 4-in. cyclone classifier [1]
        Digital filter design by minimizing the weighted square error in the frequency domain [1]
        Dynamic response of a heat exchanger with uniform wall heat flux, The [1]
        Dynamic response of a laminar flow heat exchanger, The [1]
        E. M. F. measurements on the liquid lead-gold system using a molten oxide electrolyte [1]
        E. M. F. measurements on the liquid lead-silver-gold system using a molten oxide electrolyte [1]
        Effect of dimensional and material non-uniformity on the development of triaxial stresses in cylinders, The [1]
        Effect of nitrogen on the various compositional material balance methods for a gas-condensate reservoir, The [1]
        Effect of the anode oxygen content on the electrorefining of copper, The [1]