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        Optical diagnostics of lithium-sulfur batteries with attenuated total reflection spectroscopy [1]
        Optical spectroscopy of hybrid organic/inorganic solar cell materials [1]
        Optimization of 3D printed metal parts by experimental characterization techniques [1]
        Optimization of colloid deposition via dielectrophoretic assembly and flow coating [1]
        Optimizing deployment of mobile ad hoc networks in disaster scenarios [1]
        Optimizing residence time for recalcified blood in a microfluidic mixer [1]
        Ozone pretreatment in high pressure membranes [1]
        ParFlow-CLM snow model sensitivity to forcing variables [1]
        Partially coherent transport in quantum dot mesomaterials [1]
        Performance analysis and introduction to optimization of ParFlow [1]
        Performance of and amendments to urban bioretention systems for removal of stormwater contaminants [1]
        Phosphonic acid based copolymer fuel cell membrane [1]
        Photoluminescence quenching and hot carrier transfer in nanocrystalline silicon [1]
        Plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition synthesis of metal carbide membranes for high temperature H2 separations [1]
        Plasma-enhanced chemical vapour deposition of flexible dielectric mirrors designed for energy-efficient window [1]
        Polylactide coated hydroxyapatite nanoparticles for reinforced biodegradable polymer scaffolds [1]
        Post-growth recrystallization by halides for high throughput CIGS photovoltaics [1]
        Predicted response of microstructure, distortion, and residual stress in carburized steels cooled via oil and high intensity quenching [1]
        Prediction of reservoir properties for geomechanical analysis using 3D seismic data and rock physics modeling in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina [1]
        Predictive bio-computational wear modeling for joint replacements [1]