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        1:40 scaled physical model of a longwall coal mine to investigate mine ventilation and the formation of explosive gas zones, A [1]
        3D forward modeling and parametric inversion of induced polarization with electromagnetic coupling [1]
        A treatise on the use of pseudopressure approach for the transient analysis of multiphase production from unconventional reservoirs [1]
        Acceleration of alloy design and manufacturing via machine learning and automated optimization [1]
        Adapting conditional simulation using circulant embedding for irregularly spaced data and exploring its limits [1]
        Advanced methods for bastnaesite concentrate leaching [1]
        Advances in spatial frequency modulation imaging: spatio-spectral encoding [1]
        Adversarial machine learning in computer vision: attacks and defenses on machine learning models [1]
        Analysis of watershed parameters controlling turbidity following the West Fork Complex fire [1]
        Applied mineral economics: an analysis on depletion, taxation and exploration [1]
        Assembly and propulsion of colloidal particles under combined electric and magnetic fields [1]
        Assessing ecohydrologic land management strategies and water supply impacts in the western U.S. [1]
        Assessing the impact of water reuse on water quality in the Los Angeles River [1]
        Assessing the utilization of remote sensing and GIS techniques for flood studies and land use/land cover analysis through case studies in Nigeria and the USA [1]
        Batteries and thermal energy storage: an analytical method for sizing and analyzing potential synergies in hybrid systems [1]
        Combining free energy calculations with machine learning predictions of adsorption to design metal-organic frameworks for chemical separations [1]
        Comparative geomechanical investigation of empirical, analytical, and numerical methods utilized in designing flat-roof excavations in discontinuous and laminated rockmasses [1]
        Comprehensive modeling of process-molten pool condition-property correlations for wire-feed laser additive manufacturing [1]
        Constraining evapotranspiration and understanding ET drivers and limitations in a mountain headwaters system [1]
        Control of optoelectronic properties via aliovalent disorder in ternary nitrides and oxynitrides [1]