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        Sampling combinatorial energy landscapes by classical and quantum computation [1]
        Security and privacy on smartphones: a sensing approach [1]
        Seismic and well log based machine learning facies classification in the Panoma-Hugoton field, Kansas and Raudhatain field, North Kuwait [1]
        Seismic deblending: using iterative and compressive sensing methods to quantify blending noise impact on 4D projects [1]
        Separation of trivalent actinides and lanthanides with sulfur donor ligands and extractants [1]
        Shortwave infrared spectral analysis of hydrothermal alteration in the main and southwest Tintic mining district and exploration implications of the Silver City porphyry Cu-Mo-Au prospect, Tintic mining district, Utah, USA [1]
        Simulating the EUSO-SPB2 balloon flight train with Lagrangian mechanics [1]
        Simulation of burst resistance on casing with damage and deformation using finite element analysis [1]
        Socially-and-environmentally-aware power management in residential neighborhoods exposed to heat waves considering uncertainties [1]
        Socio-technical assessment of mercury and gold losses in artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) operations in Colombia, A [1]
        Solidification mechanisms of a multi-principal-component alloy for filler applications [1]
        Solubility characteristics of luminescent materials for organic light emitting diodes [1]
        Statistical approach to quantifying the spatial distribution of porosity defects in Inconel 718, A [1]
        Studies of elves and their connection to lightning with the Pierre Auger Observatory [1]
        Study of excited halo states in ¹⁰Be and ¹²Be using one-neutron transfer reactions from ¹¹Be on ⁹Be at TRIUMF ISAC-II [1]
        Submarine canyons, channels, levees, and lobes: an investigation of the linkages between depositional processes, stratigraphy, and sedimentology [1]
        Subsurface characterization and liquefaction potential assessment of the Spirit Lake debris blockage at Mount St. Helens, Washington using multi-method geophysics [1]
        Surface interactions and locked cycle flotation of novel collectors on bastnäsite ore [1]
        Synergistic computational and experimental chemical investigations for the advancement of sustainable energy technologies [1]
        Tailings gold recovery by cyanide leaching from future ores [1]