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        Laboratory study of the effect of chemical osmosis on the elastic rock properties of Pierre shale and implication for oil recovery [1]
        Linking morphology to electronic properties in small-molecular organic semiconductors [1]
        Lost circulation management: new engineering approaches and techniques for better bridging and sealing the fracture [1]
        Macroscopic quantum tunneling and quantum many-body dynamics in Bose-Einstein condensates [1]
        Mass and shielding optimization studies for a low enrichment uranium fueled kilopower space nuclear reactor [1]
        Mathematical modeling of glucose and insulin dynamics in adolescent girls to quantify measures of insulin sensitivity [1]
        Mathematical synthesis and design of third order Chebyshev combline band-pass filters with tunable topology [1]
        Measuring the neon-20 radiative proton capture rate at DRAGON [1]
        Mechanisms of longitudinal depression formation in steel continuous casting [1]
        Mechanisms of sediment movement from topset to toeset in the Cenozoic clinoforming NW Australian margin, and implications for reservoir development, a seismic geomorphology study [1]
        Membrane spacer effects on polarization in direct contact membrane distillation experiments [1]
        Modeling & simulation of hybrid renewable energy-CHP systems for distributed generation applications [1]
        Molecular sieving of hydrocarbon mixtures through nano-porous membranes [1]
        Multi-pass cross-polarized wave generation system for efficient cleaning and compression of ultrafast pulses [1]
        Multi-scale approach to reservoir characterization of the Wolfcamp A, Delaware Basin, Texas, A [1]
        Multi-scale microscopy of the Li/electrolyte interface in solid-state next-generation batteries [1]
        Multi-scale modeling of protonic ceramic fuel cell stacks and systems [1]
        Multiscale modeling of the lumbar spine to investigate tissue-level load transfer during activities of daily living [1]
        New approach to estimating ultimate recovery for hydraulically fractured horizontal wells, A [1]
        New mobility measure and scoring system for predicting long-runout landslides, A [1]