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        Three essays on mineral economics and economic geography [1]
        Time-lapse multicomponent geophone and DAS VSP processing and analysis [1]
        Time-lapse study of microseismic velocity and reflection imaging, A [1]
        Toughness and separation improvement of thick plate X70 pipeline steels [1]
        Toward orbital seismology : theory for speckle noise reduction in laser doppler vibrometer measurements on distant rough surfaces [1]
        Towards a better representation of the subsurface across the continental US : developing hydraulic conductivity datasets for integrated hydrologic models [1]
        Transmission line protection with high penetration of renewable generation [1]
        Two dimensional random access multiphoton spatial frequency modulated imaging with at-focus pulse characterization and compression [1]
        Two-dimensional assembly of colloidal particles : fabrication and application [1]
        Ultrasonic and image-based characterization of progressive damage processes in intact rocks [1]
        Ultrasonic velocity tomography method for damage evaluation in rocks [1]
        Understanding piezoelectric nitrides by combinatorial methods [1]
        Understanding scale impacts of heterogeneity and topography on water and energy fluxes in mountain meadows using a fully-integrated hydrologic model [1]
        Use of a look-ahead geophysical method to delineate water-bearing features ahead of a tunnel boring machine, The [1]
        Using oscillations to detect capillary condensation in MCM-41 [1]
        Using single particle ICP-MS to study occurrence and behavior of engineered, natural, and incidental nanoparticles in freshwater streams [1]
        Using the Rosin-Rammler method to correlate recovery with particle size distribution and content in a sulfidic gold ore [1]
        Using the solution absorbance extracted dielectric function of CuInS₂/ZnS quantum dots to model optical properties of well-ordered Langmuir-Schaefer thin films [1]
        Valorization of wastewater-derived biomass via integrated aqueous systems [1]
        Wafer-scale controlled spalling and reuse of (100)-oriented germanium [1]