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        Identifying and quantifying mountain pine beetle (Dendroctonus ponderosae) induced watershed scale changes to metal input, storage, and export, Rocky Mountains, USA [1]
        Imaging ahead of a tunnel boring machine with DC resistivity : a laboratory and numerical study [1]
        Impact of environmental conditions on methane-air explosion development and propagation through rock rubble in confined spaces , The [1]
        Impact of reservoir heterogeneity on inventory verification in natural gas underground storage reservoirs subject to water drive [1]
        Impact of synthetic and natural surface-active components on hydrate agglomeration, The [1]
        Impacts of rare earth elements on biological wastewater treatment processes [1]
        Implementation of biomaterials to study and control complex cell behaviors [1]
        Incised valleys in the Parkman sandstone at Teapot Dome, Wyoming : a comprehensive outcrop analysis [1]
        Integrating big data analytics and cybersecurity for power distribution networks with distributed energy resources [1]
        Interfacial properties of CH₄/C₂H₆ gas hydrate particles with chemical additives [1]
        Interpretation of mini-frac and flowback pressure response : application to unconventional reservoirs in the UAE [1]
        Interpreting macroscale conductivity behavior of ceria-based oxides via nanoscale quantification of grain boundaries [1]
        Interpreting sources and endocrine active components of trace organic contaminant mixtures in Minnesota lakes [1]
        Investigating halo features in ¹⁰Be with the ¹¹Be(p,d)¹⁰Be* transfer reaction at 110 MeV at TRIUMF-ISAC II [1]
        Investigating links between climate perturbations, river discharge variability and fluvial fans in the Paleogene San Juan Basin, New Mexico, USA [1]
        Investigation and analysis for the use of ethane-oxygen gas explosion for industrial cleaning [1]
        Investigation of backwards erosion piping by data driven modeling [1]
        Investigation of stage ordering impact on fracture growth in multi-stage hydraulic fracturing of horizontal wells in stacked plays [1]
        Investigation of the electrowinning of neodymium oxide in room temperature ionic liquid [1]
        Investigation of titanium dioxide polymorph selectivity as influenced by the amorphous precursor state [1]