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        Seismic characterization of Niobrara fluid and rock properties: a 4D study and multicomponent (3C) analysis [1]
        Seismic geomorphology of continental margin evolution in the late Cretaceous to Neogene of the Browse Basin, northwest Australia [1]
        Seismic reservoir characterization of the Najmah Formation, Raudhatain field, north Kuwait [1]
        Seismotectonics of Turkey and Iran from calibrated earthquake relocations [1]
        Sensitivity and model reduction of simulated snow processes: contrasting observational and parameter uncertainty to improve prediction [1]
        Simulation of proppant transport in slickwater with DNS-derived drag correlations [1]
        Small scale gravity anomalies observed in GRAIL gravity data [1]
        Solid solution strengthening mechanisms in high entropy alloys [1]
        Solid-state joining of titanium alloy to stainless steel [1]
        Source rock quality, depositional and geochemical characterization of the Khoot Basin in Mongolia [1]
        Spatio-temporal assessment of groundwater resources in the Denver Basin Aquifer System [1]
        Spectrally resolved fluorescence microscopy and its applications for single molecule characterization [1]
        Stochastic inversion of seismic data by implementing image quilting to build a litho-facies model for reservoir characterization of Delhi field, LA [1]
        Stoichiometry and kinetic modeling of an anaerobic baffled reactor, The [1]
        Stress induced changes in elastic wave attributes in the Wattenberg Field, Colorado, USA [1]
        Structural analysis and tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Reinga Basin, offshore northwestern New Zealand [1]
        Structured low-rank matrix recovery via optimization methods [1]
        Study of moisture conditions in a multi-story mass timber building through the use of sensors and WUFI hygrothermal modeling [1]
        Study on the use of cellular cofferdam for permanent hydropower use [1]
        Subsurface methane migration from natural gas distribution pipelines as affected by soil heterogeneity: field scale experimental and numerical study [1]