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        Observer dependence in holographic entanglement entropy [1]
        On pore-scale imaging and elasticity of unconsolidated sediments [1]
        On the reduction of metal oxides in non-equilibrium hydrogen plasmas [1]
        Optical diagnostics of lithium-sulfur and lithium-ion battery electrolytes using attenuated total reflection infrared spectroscopy [1]
        Peloid characterization and diagenesis of the A chalk, Niobrara Formation, Denver Basin, CO [1]
        Performance based seismic design of cross laminated timber tall buildings with inter-story isolation system [1]
        Photoautotrophic growth of eukaryotic microalgae and electron detours under deficient sink stress [1]
        Political economy of non-renewable resource ownership and control, The [1]
        Polymerizable dopants capable of high light output and pulse shape discrimination for application in plastic scintillators [1]
        Pore compressibility of reservoir sandstones from integrated laboratory experiments [1]
        Pore structure of micro- and mesoporous mudrocks based on nitrogen and carbon dioxide sorption [1]
        Pore-scale simulation of solute and colloid transport and direct comparison with column and microfluidics experiments [1]
        Porous crystalline molecular-sieve membranes for xenon separation from krypton and air [1]
        Preparation of earth abundant metal mesoporous silica materials with implications for the production of liquid fuels [1]
        Quantification of the bed-scale architecture of submarine depositional environments and application to lobe deposits of the Point Loma Formation, California [1]
        Quantification of timing uncertainty in a correlation based channel sounder [1]
        Quantifying near-wellbore permeability heterogeneity using wellbore flow modeling and fiber optics distributed pressure sensor [1]
        Quantitative risk modeling of gas hydrate bedding using mechanistic, statistical, and artificial neural network frameworks [1]
        Quantitative sustainability modeling and assessment of US transportation energy systems, including case studies of alternate biofuel production and orbital transportation systems [1]
        Quenching and partitioning of plate steel: development of design methodologies [1]