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        Kernel-based Lagrangian method for imperfectly-mixed chemical reactions, A [1]
        Lateral reservoir heterogeneities and their impacts on stress shadowing in the Eagle Ford reservoir [1]
        Loading and release of large protein molecules and separation of lanthanides using mesoporous materials [1]
        Low temperature aqueous solubility of fluorite at temperatures of 5, 25, and 50°C and ionic strengths up to 0.72M [1]
        Machine learning for encrypted Amazon Echo traffic classification [1]
        Many-body entangled dynamics of closed and open systems for quantum simulators [1]
        Many-body quantum tunneling of ultracold bosonic gases: quantum phase transitions, bosonic Josephson junctions, and Mott switch atomtronics [1]
        Mass transport within the fracture-matrix systems of unconventional shale reservoirs: application to primary production and EOR in Eagle Ford [1]
        Measurement of total kinetic energy and fragment mass distribution in neutron induced fission of thorium-232 and uranium-233 [1]
        Measurements and modeling of gas hydrates formation in inhibited systems: high pressure, high salinity, and mixture of inhibitors [1]
        Mechanism of dwell fatigue crack initiation in Ti-7Al under biaxial tension-tension loads [1]
        Microbiology of the sulfur-dominated glacial ecosystem at Borup Fiord Pass, and high Arctic low-temperature spring associated microbial mats, The [1]
        Mineral asset valuation under price uncertainty using real options [1]
        Model comparisons of multivariate statistics with theoretical predictions of elastic properties in sandstones [1]
        Modeling and analysis of diagnostic fracture injection tests (DFITs) [1]
        Modeling and characterization of mechanical properties in laser powder bed fusion additive manufactured Inconel 718 [1]
        Modeling climate change impacts to Rocky Mountain headwater hydrology [1]
        Modeling trace organic contaminants in commercial and high-density residential urban stormwater runoff [1]
        Multi-agent simulation and geospatial infrastructure for oil shale production and water resource utilization in the Piceance Basin [1]
        Multi-scale, multi-continuum and multi-physics model to simulate coupled fluid flow and geomechanics in shale gas reservoirs, A [1]