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        Effect of microstructure on hydrogen induced cracking in pipeline steel [1]
        Effect of pressure on simultaneous elastic and electric measurements of sandstones, The [1]
        Effects of atmospheric variability and remediation techniques on the stability of an interstate highway embankment [1]
        Effects of specimen geometry on tensile ductility, The [1]
        Efficiency optimization of a HPGe clover array for implantation decay experiments at FRIB [1]
        Efficient algorithms for a class of space-time stochastic models [1]
        Electric field sensing through second harmonic generation of ultrafast laser pulses [1]
        Electrical and electromagnetic methods for submarine massive sulfide exploration: a case study of the Palinuro Seamount, Tyrrhenian Sea [1]
        Elevated temperature mechanical properties of line pipe steels [1]
        Elucidating deformation mechanisms in shape memory alloys using 3D X-ray diffraction [1]
        Emergence and fate of iodinated organic compounds and disinfection by-products during biological treatment of oil and gas produced water [1]
        Essays in energy and environmental economics [1]
        EUSO-SPB1 project and laser test beams for space-based optical cosmic ray detectors, The [1]
        Evaluating landslide risk management in Guatemala City through a study of risk perception and behavior changes [1]
        Evaluation of the production potential of Shilaif shale oil formation using analytical and modeling methods [1]
        Exfoliated hexagonal boron nitride based anti-corrosion polymer nano-composite coatings for carbon steel in a saline environment [1]
        Experimental investigation of fundamental viscosity, density, and leaching characteristics of sodium-iron-silicate slags [1]
        Experimental methods of flowsheet development for hard drive recycling by preferential degradation and physical separation [1]
        Experimental study on the anisotropy of unconventional tight reservoirs: joint ultrasonic and electrical measurements under pressure [1]
        Exploration of cosmic-ray propagation and thunderstorm models to explain unusual events measured with the surface detector of the Pierre Auger Observatory [1]