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        Analysis of mechanical spalling method for cost effective production of III-V solar cells [1]
        Arc discharge synthesis of exotic Group IV allotropes [1]
        Characterization of statistical co-polymer vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene-phenylphosphonic acid functionalized hexafluoropropylene for potential applications as a proton electrolyte membrane [1]
        Contact angles of surfaces in energy and environmental applications of hydrate formation [1]
        Developing a process for studying annealing effects on mobilities in silicon quantum dots [1]
        Emulsion behavior in brine/AA/oil systems [1]
        Energy optimization strategies in a sequencing batch membrane bioreactor [1]
        Heteropoly acid immobilization and crosslinking in a polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cells [1]
        Morphology tuning of Na2S nanocrystals for next generation batteries [1]
        Novel synthesis of lithium sulfide nanocrystals for advanced rechargeable batteries, A [1]
        Optical diagnostics of lithium-sulfur batteries with attenuated total reflection spectroscopy [1]
        Optimization of 3D printed metal parts by experimental characterization techniques [1]
        Ozone pretreatment in high pressure membranes [1]
        Raman characterization of binary hydrates [1]
        Simulation and analysis of the Knapsack problem in adiabatic quantum computation [1]
        Synthesizing crosslinked hole transport materials for improved perovskite solar cell stability and performance [1]
        Understanding trends in methane production and producers in anaerobic waste water treatment [1]