Recent Submissions

  • Mesoscale modeling of quantum yield in nanocrystalline devices 

    Contributor:Irvin, Samantha; Flammer, Philip David; Lusk, Mark; Beach, Joe; van de Lagemaat, Jao; Graf, Peter
    A new solar material features silicon nanocrystals (nc-Si) within an amorphous silicon (a-Si) matrix. The efficiency with which photons are absorbed and converted to electric current depends on the size, orientation, volume ...
  • Functionalization of 110 oriented silicon quantum wires 

    Contributor:Robert Lochner; Li, Huashan; Wu, Zhigang; Lusk, Mark T.
    Silicon nanowires (SiNW) are cylindrical crystals of diamond structured silicon with a length much greater than diameter. Silicon nanowires are ~1-100 nm in diameter, 110 direction dominates for wires less than 10 nm (Wu ...
  • Immobilization of heteropolyacids in PEM fuel cell membranes via copolymerization 

    Contributor:Jessop, Jeri D.; Herring, Andrew M.; Horan, James L.; Kuo, Mei-Chen
    Nafion is the current standard by which PEM fuel cell membranes are measured. It is a PFSA (perfluoro sulfonic acid) polymer that is used to conduct ions such as protons. This material is only useful at low temperature ...
  • Characterization of molecular magnets using EPR 

    Contributor:Riskey, Kory; Miller, Joel; Simonds, Brian; Taylor, P. Craig
    Molecules involving tetracyanoethylene (TCNE) and transition or rare earth compounds have been found to exhibit magnetic properties at low temperature. One compound, however, with V and TCNE has been found to have an ...