Recent Submissions

  • Partnering with teaching faculty on research projects 

    Author(s):Buljung, Brianna B.; Light, Leslie; Colorado School of Mines
    Date Issued:2020-10
    Format:electronic publications
    Collaborating with faculty in other departments on campus can be one of the most rewarding and challenging types of research partnerships for the practitioner-researcher librarian. The challenges to such a partnership can ...
  • Cooking with authority: using a flipped lesson and librarian meeting to evaluate authority 

    Author(s):Buljung, Brianna B.
    Date Issued:2019
    Format:electronic publications
    This recipe is designed for an introduction to design course and is most suited to courses with a team project. It can be used to support courses in disciplines across STEM, especially environmental science, mechanical ...
  • Colorado mining districts: a reference 

    Author(s):Dunn, Lisa G.
    Date Issued:2003
    Format:reference books