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        3D seismic image processing for interpretation [1]
        Activation of CdTe solar cells using molecular chlorine [1]
        Adolescent sleep and the circadian pacemaker [1]
        Advanced beneficiation of bastnaesite ore through centrifugal concentration and froth flotation [1]
        Advanced microgrid design and analysis for forward operating bases [1]
        Advancing internal erosion monitoring using seismic methods in field and laboratory studies [1]
        Advancing understanding of the relationship between soil conditioning and earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine chamber and shield annulus behavior [1]
        Aggregation in organic light emitting diodes [1]
        Alternating direction implicit finite difference methods for the heat equation on general domains in two and three dimensions [1]
        Anaerobic baffled reactor pilot: bridging the gap to energy positive wastewater treatment [1]
        Analogy matching with function, flow and performance [1]
        Analysis of stress and geomechanical properties in the Niobrara Formation of Wattenberg field, Colorado, USA [1]
        Analytical solution for anomalous diffusion in fractured nano-porous reservoirs [1]
        Analyzing the potential for unstable mine failures with the calculation of released energy in numerical models [1]
        Anti-corrosion behaviour of barrier, electrochemical and self-healing fillers in polymer coatings for carbon steel in a saline environment [1]
        Application of 3D reconstruction by stereo vision for the purpose of assessing weld quality, The [1]
        Application of the Lagrangian particle-tracking method to simulating mixing-limited, field-scale biodegradation [1]
        Application of time-lapse seismic shear wave inversion to characterize the stimulated rock volume in the Niobrara and Codell reservoirs, Wattenberg field, CO [1]
        Assessing middle-school teachers' attitudes and usage of CS Unplugged [1]
        Assessing the efficacy of BMPs to reduce metal loads in the Los Angeles River Basin at the watershed scale [1]