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        3D seismic image processing for interpretation [1]
        A class of efficient algorithms for stochastic seismic ground motions [1]
        A class of staggered grid algorithms and analysis for time-domain Maxwell systems [1]
        A coupled geomechanics and flow modeling study for multistage hydraulic fracturing of horizontal wells in enhanced geothermal systems applications [1]
        A fundamental investigation of the high temperature oxidation of gold ores that contain sulfides and carbonaceous materials [1]
        A geologic comparison of the oil window and dry gas window within the Tow Creek member of the Niobrara Formation in the Piceance Basin of northwestern Colorado [1]
        A global sensitivity analysis for a collisionless plasma using a particle-in-cell method [1]
        A mixed-integer program for the design and dispatch of a hybrid power generation system [1]
        A model for acute stage HIV infection [1]
        A multi-physics model for enhanced oil recovery in liquid-rich unconventional reservoirs [1]
        A novel approach to quantify cybersecurity for electric power systems [1]
        Activation of CdTe solar cells using molecular chlorine [1]
        Adolescent sleep and the circadian pacemaker [1]
        Advanced beneficiation of bastnaesite ore through centrifugal concentration and froth flotation [1]
        Advanced microgrid design and analysis for forward operating bases [1]
        Advancing internal erosion monitoring using seismic methods in field and laboratory studies [1]
        Advancing understanding of the relationship between soil conditioning and earth pressure balance tunnel boring machine chamber and shield annulus behavior [1]
        Aggregation in organic light emitting diodes [1]
        Alternating direction implicit finite difference methods for the heat equation on general domains in two and three dimensions [1]
        An assessment of risk of hydrocarbon or fracturing fluid migration to fresh water aquifers : case study of Colorado oil and gas fields [1]