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        Juan Fernandez de Arroyuelo and Juan Alonso, rationers, send Juan Fernandez de Castro, capiscol, and Juan Martinez de Majarres, canons, to deliver [1]
        Juan Fernandez de Arroyuelo and Juan Alonso, rationers, send Juan Fernandez de Castro, capiscol, and Juan Martínez de Majarres, canon, to deliver an additional 2,000 mrs. [1]
        Juan Fernandez de Castro, precentor, is sent to deliver to Fernando Garcia de Gorges, archdeacon of Briviesca, the amount of 7,300 mrs. from the funds of María de Rojas to build some houses [1]
        Juan Fernández, son of Pedro Moro, neighbor of Tardajos, sells Gonzalo Gonzalez, archpriest of Burgos, two plots of wheat and barley [1]
        Juan Jimenez and Juan Martinez de Majarres, canons, are sent to deal with Moorish or Christian craftsmen to build houses [1]
        Juan Jimenez, canon, is sent to ask Juan Fernandez de Arroyuelo, rationer, about the work of the Ojo mill [1]
        Juan Lopez, canon, is granted power to license the Master Derramen de Porres, Moor, to sell the houses he has in the Moreria [1]
        Judges arbutrate a dispute between church chaplins and on the one hand, and Audalla de Valladolid and his wife, on the other [1]
        Lease granted by Juan Ruiz, archdeacon of Burgos, and Juan Gonzalez de Llanos, precentor, to Moorish merchant Fernando Garcia [1]
        Lease granted by Luis García de Castellanos, canon, and Alfonso Fernandez de Viejarrua, racionero [2]
        Lope Gonzalez, canon, leases houses on Cerrajeria where Canon Pedro Corral lived [1]
        Order issued to the master Brahem, carpenter, two loads of wheat to go to the council repair man [2]
        Order to give the bread that Juan Jimenez, canon, collected in the year 1391 to fix the house of Villaimar [1]
        Order to send Juan Iniguez, rationer, to present the salt accounts of the year 1394 [1]
        Pedro Galindez, rationer, takes account by order of this council, Alfonso Garcia de Sevilla, steward, of the 1,000 mrs. [1]
        Pedro Garcia de Fuentes, vicar general of the bishop of Burgos, gives license to Pedro Gutierrez de Villaute and Gonzalo Diez, chaplains and provosts, to grant a lease to Audalla de Valladolid [1]
        Pedro Garcia Navarro is freed from paying the 60 bushels of half wheat and barley bread [1]
        RT - [Repair/Construction agreement with Muslim Carpenter] [1]
        RT - [Grant of Lease to Audalla de Valladolid on Moreria Street] [1]