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        Quintessential convergence and collaboration. Abstracts of posters presented at Quintessential 2014 [1]
        Quintessential convergence and collaboration. Schedule at a glance [1]
        Reddit community finds health answers from reference collaborative [1]
        Registration coupon Midcontinental Regional Medical Library Group meeting [1]
        Registration form for the MCRML Group annual conference [1]
        Registration form for the Midcontinental Regional Medical Library Group, MLA meeting [1]
        Rethinking face-to-face chapter meetings. MCMLA Annual meeting task force [1]
        Role of embedded librarians within an active learning curriculum, The [1]
        Schedule of events for the Midcontinental Regional Medical Library Group [1]
        Science of food biotechnology [1]
        Selected guide to Seattle attractions from the local interest committee [1]
        Students and health videos merge and converge: Healthi4U [1]
        Supporting researchers in finding funding at a large Academic institution [1]
        Taking control, developing strategic alternatives. Annual meeting of the Midcontinental Chapter of the Medical Library Association [1]
        Team 97. MCMLA 25th annual meeting [1]
        Testing the limits of virtual connections [1]
        This is how we do it: Picking from a plethora of programs for producing streaming and instructional materials [1]
        Triple chapter meeting. Official program of the Medical Library Association [1]
        Using qualtrics to compile & evaluate citations for the AMIA's 2015 "Year in review" [1]
        Where the pavement ends. Midcontinental Chapter/Medical Library Association 1999 [1]