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        Selection and implementation of non-linear mixed models in pharmacokinetic research: a NONMEM/PDx-pop tutorial for statisticians, The [1]
        Selection of priors to improve model identifiability in Bayesian deconvolution models of pulsatile hormone data [1]
        Separating between and within cluster effects for hierarchical time varying covariates in time to event analyses [1]
        Separating between-subject and within-subject nonlinear covariate effects, with application to longitudinal road racing data of competitive runners [1]
        Social networks, teamwork, and safety climate in the acute care clinical work setting [1]
        State reporting requirements and non-profit hospital community benefit spending [1]
        Statistical methods for cancer screening [1]
        Statistical methods for detecting allelic imbalance in RNA-Seq data [1]
        Supine sleep positioning among high-risk U.S.-born infants : the persistent preterm/term and non-Hispanic black/non-Hispanic white racial disparity [1]
        System-level factors associated with healthcare utilization among young adults with congenital heart disease transitioning to adult cardiac care settings using social network analysis [1]
        Thyroid nodules as related to absorbed dose from iodine-131 in a Ukrainian cohort following the Chernobyl accident [1]
        Transcriptional differences associated with seizure burden during early epileptogenesis in the dentate gyrus [1]
        Translational approaches to predicting tuberculosis risk: from administrative data to transcriptional biomarkers [1]
        Understanding provider barriers to recommending and administering the HPV vaccine to adolescents in Colorado : a mixed method approach [1]
        Understanding the effect of socioeconomic gradient within racial/ethnic groups on breast, colorectal and prostate cancer outcomes [1]
        Understanding the mechanisms by which Colorado Medicaid reduced 30-day hospital readmissions : did financial incentives alter post-discharge care? [1]
        Zero-inflated negative binomial (ZINB) regression model for over-dispersed count data with excess zeros and repeated measures, an application to human microbiota sequence data [1]