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        Cannabidiol modulates hippocampal dependent learning and alters the accompanying syntaptic plasticity in the ventral hippocampus [1]
        Changes in humerus and ulna bone with hindlimb unloading and a synbiotic diet in adult male rats [1]
        Characterization and applications of electrically-conductive filament in 3D printing [1]
        Characterization and in situ bio-accumulation of selenium utilizing the bryophyte Hygrohypnum ochraceum in Fountain and Monument Creek, Colorado [1]
        Characterization of mitochondrial alterations during Sindbis virus infection and analysis of metabolic effectors as potential novel antiviral compounds [1]
        Chest wound simulation and its effect on self-confidence of baccalaureate nursing students [1]
        Clay women: a triptych [1]
        Cold-induced behavioral thermoregulation and energy metabolism in aging rats [1]
        Colorado Bureau of Investigation forensic laboratory internship report [1]
        Comparative analysis of plant species diversity in healthy and unhealthy range and riparian areas [1]
        Comparative study of Mercury and Selenium concentrations in fish tissues of the Fountain Creek Watershed, Colorado, USA, A [1]
        Comparative study: controlling tamarisk in Fremont County, Colorado, A [1]
        comparison of species richness of ephemeroptera, plecoptera, trichoptera and chironomidae in the Arkansas river above and below Pueblo reservoir after completion of the Arkansas River Fisheries Habitat Restoration (legacy) Project, A [1]
        Control and regulation of MCT1 function by intracellular pH and cAMP analogs in cerebrovascular endothelial cells [1]
        Controlling a 3D printed bionic hand by using brain waves [1]
        Copper inhibits NMDA receptor-independent LTP and modulates the paired-pulse ratio after LTP in mouse hippocampal slices [1]
        Determination of optimum harvest times for highest valued feedlot biomass at a local feedlot for specific use in a co-fired power plant based on measurement of ash, moisture, energy, and oxidizable content and inverse electron demand Diels-Alder reaction facilitated by a multistep synthesis of a tetrazine as a capstone experience in the undergraduate organic chemistry laboratory [1]
        Development of a new quantitative PCR methodology to detect exotic mollusk invasions in freshwater [1]
        Dream of education [1]
        Dynamics of Daphnia lumholtzi in Pueblo reservoir [1]