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        Florencio "Freddy" Granado (back turned); L to R - Ester and Brian Sanchez, Indio, Danny and Lupe (glasses) Vallez, unknown girl (possibly Chris), Roberto “Che” Lara, University of Colorado, Boulder. [1]
        Florencio “Freddy” Granado with his arm around Patricio Vigil , at the University of Colorado. [1]
        Grape boycott protest march, Denver, for United Farmworkers (UFW), March 1976 [2]
        Heriberto Teran, UMAS student martyred in the second of the Los Seis de Boulder bombings. [1]
        Jose Angel Gutierrez at first La Raza Unida Conference, El Paso, Texas. [1]
        José Calderon sleeping just before La Raza Unida Convention. [1]
        José Calderon speaks at a rally. Flag behind says, “Black Chicano White All Workers Unite to Fight the Ruling Class.” To the right of Calderon is Jerry Ryan (UFW union organizer) Denver, Colorado. [1]
        José Esteban Ortega and family (wife Mary Jean Ortega, Roberta Ortega, Theresa Ortega, and Rosemary Ortega.) Standing to the right of them is Ester Sanchez, Flagstaff Mountain near Boulder, Colorado. [1]
        Juan "Freddie Freak" Trujillo, ca. 1977 [1]
        Juan Espinosa (standing, grey shirt) at meeting at UMC Glen Miller Ballroom, University of Colorado-Boulder. [1]
        Juan Federico "Freddie Freak" Trujillo Oral History and 16 mm film excerpt # 1 [1]
        Juan Federico "Freddie Freak" Trujillo Oral History and 16 mm film excerpt # 2 [1]
        Juan Haro (center) at his service station, Denver, Colorado. [1]
        Left to right: Danny Vallez, Lupe Vallez, Brian Sanchez, unknown man, Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Left to right: Sharon "Trucka" Phelps (pink top), Brian Sanchez, Magaleno "Len" Avila (handcuffed), Danny Vallez and Lupe Vallez performing Teatro at a demonstration in front of Regent's Hall, CU-Boulder [1]
        Lupe Vallez (on phone), Roberto "Che" Lara (white shirt), Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Lupe Vallez and Brian Sanchez, Teatro de Ustedes [1]
        Magaleno "Len" Avila (center in green shirt/white pants), Brown Berets holding Mexican flag, Regents Hall, CU-Boulder [1]
        Mary Ripon Theater, CU-Boulder [1]
        Neva Romero, who was martyred in the Los Seis de Boulder bombings. [1]