Dr. Thomas McNee Sutherland (1931-2016) was a philanthropist and Emeritus Professor of Animal Sciences at Colorado State University (CSU). His 1985 capture and imprisonment in Lebanon and 1991 release resulted in international prominence. His collection covers topics such as Sutherland's research on and course materials for animal breeding and genetics, his time as a hostage in Lebanon and his return, speaking engagements, his book with his wife Jean, At Your Own Risk, and Sutherland family activities. Materials include cards, letters, and other ephemera sent by well-wishers, teaching materials, course notes, speeches, correspondence, awards, home movie films, reel-to-reel audio tapes, photographs, a slide projector, and a film projector. This digital collection, with materials dated 1956 to 1984, is comprised of the Sutherland family's home movies, showing scenes of family life, local vacations, and international tourism and business travel.

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