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        'We know what we are, but know not what we may be': nonemployers and future employment growth [1]
        Agricultural manufacturing and rural development [1]
        Alternative methods for substantiating payments for conservation easements in Colorado [1]
        Challenges in fostering growth: putting contaminated land to use [1]
        Changes in Colorado alcohol distribution law: preliminary evidence from scanner data on changes in household retail alcohol purchase patterns [1]
        Colorado tourism [1]
        Colorado's growth in educational choice: charter school supply and demand [1]
        Colorado's new gig: Colorado nonemployer analysis [1]
        Colorado's unemployment insurance experience: 1980-2020 [1]
        Economic impact of future federal conservation easement investments on (rural) Colorado communities [1]
        Economic wins and losses from reintroducing wolves in Colorado [1]
        Electricity sector emissions and expanding renewable energy in Colorado [1]
        Evaluating housing affordability in Fort Collins [1]
        Evolving demographic diversity in El Paso County [1]
        Exploring economic empowerment and marginalization using data from developing countries [1]
        Findings from the Colorado Agricultural Labor Survey for Employers [1]
        Fishers Peak State Park: evaluating a new natural amenity in southern Colorado [1]
        Gender and race/ethnic inequalities exacerbate COVID-19 risks for the most vulnerable CO workers [1]
        Gender, health, and urban-rural influence on school attendance in Nepal [1]
        Gendered difference in student completion due to COVID-19 [1]