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      • 1964 Shakespeare anniversary, The 

        Creator(s):Fox, Levi, signer; Morgan, W. E., author
        Format:certificates; letters (correspondence)
        Certificate given to Colorado State University from the Trustees of Shakespeare's birthplace for a gift of one chair. Includes letter stating the certificate will be put in CSU archives.
      • Three photographs of crowds 

        Creator(s):Unidentified photographer
        Three photographs of a large crowd of people standing.
      • ... a building is ... as a building does ... 

        Creator(s):Unidentified publisher
        Booklet for the Student Center at Colorado State University. Includes building maps, photographs, and information about the rooms and activities.
      • Future of graduate education, The: a centennial symposium lecture 

        Creator(s):Arlt, Gustave O., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Lecture given by Gustave O. Arlt at Centennial Symposium, April 4, 1970.
      • "Enough and to spare" 

        Creator(s):Alter, Doctor Chester M., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for August 25, 1967 commencement, delivered by Doctor Chester M. Alter.
      • Commencement address 

        Creator(s):Allot, Gordon, author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for August 23, 1968 commencement, delivered by Gordon Allot.
      • Commencement address 

        Creator(s):Anderson, Robert, author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for 1966 commencement, delivered by Robert Anderson. Includes "Quote of the Month" in NADA magazine, by Robert Anderson.
      • Commencement: Colorado State University 

        Creator(s):Haworth, Leland J., Dr., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Remarks for June 3, 1966 commencement, delivered by Doctor Leland J. Haworth.
      • Planning for peace 

        Creator(s):Clark, Joseph S., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for August 20, 1965 summer session commencement, delivered by Senator Joseph S. Clark.
      • Paul Bunyan and the renaissance man 

        Creator(s):McCain, James A., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for June 6, 1965 commencement, delivered by James A. McCain.
      • Martha Trimble, Roy Romer and others 

        Creator(s):Unidentified photographer
        Photograph of Martha Trimble, posing with a shovel, and Roy Romer, posing with an axe. A group of people are posing behind them.
      • Prospects for the future 

        Creator(s):Schriever, B. A., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for August 7, 1964 commencement, delivered by General B. A. Schriever.
      • Keynote address: fall leadership conference 

        Creator(s):Lilly, Robert E., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Keynote address for fall leadership conference, delivered by Robert E. "Bob" Lilly.
      • New adventure in education, A 

        Creator(s):Horlacher, Walter, author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for commencement of graduate school and summer session, delivered by Walter R. Horlacher.
      • Higher education, 1958: "... a need for educational statesmanship" 

        Creator(s):Alter, Chester M., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Condensed address for University of Denver Founders day dinner, delivered by Chester M. Alter.
      • Democracy and the land-grant colleges 

        Creator(s):Eisenhower, Milton S., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for the seventy-fifth anniversary celebration of the founding of Colorado A and M College, delivered by Milton S. Eisenhower.
      • Excerpts from Fort Collins Express account of address to class of 1915 

        Creator(s):Aylesworth, Barton O., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address excerpts from class of 1915 commencement, as accounted from the Fort Collins Expressed, delivered by Barton O. Aylesworth.
      • Excerpts from the Fort Collins Express account of address to class of 1913 

        Creator(s):Bessey, C. E., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address excerpts from class of 1913 commencement, delivered by Doctor C. E. Bessey.
      • Time and opportunity 

        Creator(s):Clark, Andrew G., author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for June 5, 1964 commencement, delivered by Andrew G. Clark.
      • Address to graduating class 

        Creator(s):Ellis, Alston, author
        Format:speeches (documents)
        Address for June 9, 1892 commencement, delivered by Alston Ellis, president of State Agricultural College.