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        14C Allocation in tree–soil systems [1]
        Acid hydrolysis of easily dispersed and microaggregate-derived silt- and clay-sized fractions to isolate resistant soil organic matter [1]
        Agriculture's role in greenhouse gas mitigation [1]
        Analytical determination of concentric carbon gradients within stable soil aggregates = Détermination analytique de gradients concentriques de carbone au sein d’agrégats stables de sol [1]
        Analytical determination of soil C dynamics = Détermination analytique de la dynamique du carbone du sol [1]
        Applicability of the carbon-dating method of analysis to soil humus studies [1]
        Automated analysis of 15N and 14C in biological samples [1]
        Behavior of free amino acids in soil [1]
        Biological and molecular structure analyses of the controls on soil organic matter dynamics [1]
        Carbon allocation, belowground transfers, and lipid turnover in a plant–microbial association [1]
        Carbon and nitrogen mineralization kinetics in soil previously amended with sewage sludge [1]
        Carbon economy of soybean-rhyzobium-glomus associations [1]
        Carbon flow in plant microbial associations [1]
        Carbon isotope ratios of Great Plains soils and in wheat-fallow systems [1]
        Changes in ecosystem carbon following afforestation of native sand prairie [1]
        Chemical differences in soil organic matter fractions determined by diffuse-reflectance mid-infrared spectroscopy [1]
        Comparative diversity of ammonia oxidizer 16S rRNA gene sequences in native, tilled, and successional soils [1]
        Comparison of humic fractions of Chernozemic and Luvisolic soils by elemental analyses, UV and ESR spectroscopy, A [1]
        Comparison of nitrification rates in blueberry and forest soils [1]
        Comparisons between P-fertilized and mycorrhizal plants [1]