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        History of plastid DNA insertions reveals weak deletion and AT mutation biases in angiosperm mitochondrial genomes [1]
        Infrared thermometry to estimate crop water stress index and water use of irrigated maize in Northeastern Colorado [1]
        Linear plasmids and the rate of sequence evolution in plant mitochondrial genomes [1]
        Local knowledge production, transmission, and the importance of village leaders in a network of Tibetan pastoralists coping with environmental change [1]
        Metabolic engineering of Arabidopsis for butanetriol production using bacterial genes [1]
        Method of attachment influences accelerometer-based activity data in dogs, The [1]
        Microbial responses to multi-factor climate change: effects on soil enzymes [1]
        Millennial consumers' responses to cause-related marketing in support of LGBTQ homeless youth [1]
        MmpL3 interactome reveals a complex crosstalk between cell envelope biosynthesis and cell elongation and division in mycobacteria, The [1]
        Modification of orthogonal tRNAs: unexpected consequences for sense codon reassignment [1]
        Pulmonary arterial pressures, arterial blood-gas tensions, and serum biochemistry of beef calves born and raised at high altitude [1]
        Regulators of human white adipose browning: evidence for sympathetic control and sexual dimorphic responses to sprint interval training [1]
        Road damage and life-cycle greenhouse gas comparison of trucking and pipeline water delivery systems for hydraulically fractured oil and gas field development in Colorado, A [1]
        Slow DNA loss in the gigantic genomes of salamanders [1]
        Snow and albedo climate change impacts across the United States Northern Great Plains [1]
        Soil bacterial community composition altered by increased nutrient availability in Arctic tundra soils [1]
        Tempo and mode of angiosperm mitochondrial genome divergence inferred from intraspecific variation in Arabidopsis thaliana, The [1]
        Use of on-animal acoustical recording devices for studying animal behavior, The [1]
        Walking speed and brain glucose uptake are uncoupled in patients with multiple sclerosis [1]
        Will elephants soon disappear from West African savannahs? [1]