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        Active sensing in an urban environment: closing the loop [1]
        Application-aware in-network service deployment for collaborative adaptive sensing of the atmosphere (CASA) [1]
        Automatic generation of bit-vector analyses using OpenAnalysis [1]
        For Your AMUSEment! Creating an online literary magazine to showcase student talent and achievement [1]
        Good Samaritan mini: urban search and rescue robot [1]
        Good Samaritan robotics user interface team [1]
        Integrating multiple knowledge bases within Google Desktop [1]
        Integrating technology in the classroom: how technology can enhance social studies [1]
        Measuring the robustness of resource allocations for distributed domputer systems in a stochastic dynamic environment [1]
        Model the system security risk by an attack tree [1]
        Opportunistic downlink scheduling for multiuser OFDM systems [1]
        Opportunistic downlink scheduling for multiuser orthogonal frequency division multiplexing systems [1]
        Opportunistic scheduling for wireless networks [1]
        Portfolio management using partially observable Markov decision process [1]
        Retrieval of surface-layer moisture fields using CSU radars [1]
        Robust resource allocation in a client/server hybrid network for virtual world environments [1]
        Spin wave propagation in non-uniform magnetic fields [1]
        Study of an iterative resource allocation technique to minimize machine completion times in a distributed computing system [1]
        Technology and history: bringing the past into the future [1]
        Technology in English education [1]