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        Dealing with an uncertain water supply in James Irrigation District [1]
        Decade of SCADA implementation, A [1]
        Description of agriculture production and water transfers in the Colorado River Basin [1]
        Design and performance guide for new technology in irrigation pipe [1]
        Developing corn regional crop coefficients using a satellite-based energy balance model (ReSET) in the South Platte River area of Colorado [1]
        Developing new water supplies in Fresno Irrigation District the Waldron Banking Facilities [1]
        Developing water indices for distributing increased Nile water yield among the Nile Basin countries [1]
        Development and implementation of a farm water conservation program within the Coachella Valley Water District, California [1]
        Development of a regional integrated water resource plan for the Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas [1]
        Development of a water management system to improve management and scheduling of water orders in Imperial Irrigation District [1]
        Development of irrigation scheduling at the whole farm level [1]
        Dinner address - Machu Picchu [1]
        Discharge measurements in irrigation canals using multi-frequency acoustics [1]
        Dispelling myths associated with spread spectrum radio technology in the irrigation industry [1]
        Distributing flow mismatches in supply-constrained irrigation canals through feedback control [1]
        Distributing increased Nile water yield [1]
        District voting and election procedures [1]
        Ditch-wide water rights analysis [1]
        Drainwater reuse for the Sutter Basin [1]
        Economic and hydrologic impacts [1]