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        Bacterial movement through fractured bedrock: a subproject of system for geologic evaluation of pollution potential at mountain dwelling sites [1]
        Bacterial response to the soil environment [1]
        Bark beetle impacts on remotely sensed evapotranspiration in the Colorado Rocky Mountains [1]
        Best management practices for irrigated agriculture: a guide for Colorado producers [1]
        Bioaccumulation of heavy metals by brown trout (Salmo trutta) in the Arkansas River: importance of food chain transfer [1]
        Biological denitrification of polluted groundwater [1]
        Brassy minnow in Colorado plains streams: identification, historical distribution, and habitat requirements at multiple scales [1]
        Changes in morphology and endangered fish habitat of the Colorado River [1]
        Combined cooling and bio-treatment of beet sugar factory condenser water effluent [1]
        Computer estimates of natural recharge from soil moisture data, High Plains of Colorado [1]
        Computer simulation of waste transport in groundwater aquifers: groundwater [1]
        Conjunctive operation of a surface reservoir and of groundwater storage through a hydraulically connected stream [1]
        Consolidation of irrigation systems, phase II: engineering, economic, legal, and sociological requirements [1]
        Consolidation of irrigation systems: engineering, legal, and sociological constraints and/or facilitators [1]
        Constructing and testing a refined groundwater flow model for the LaSalle/Gilcrest area [1]
        Consumptive use and return flows in urban lawn water use [1]
        Consumptive use and return flows in urban water use [1]
        Controlled accumulation of blowing snow [1]
        Coordination of agricultural and urban water quality management in the Utah Lake drainage area [1]
        Cost-effective design and operation of urban stormwater control systems: decision-support software [1]