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        Recharge as augmentation in the South Platte River Basin [1]
        Reconstructing a water balance for north Crestone Creek: streamflow variability and extremes in a snowmelt dominated internal drainage basin [1]
        Reference evapotranspiration maps for Colorado [1]
        Relative costs of new water supply options for Front Range cities: phase 2 report [1]
        Relevance of technological change in long-term water resource planning, The [1]
        Report on investigations concerning the relevance of technological change in long-term planning [1]
        Risk assessment and forecasting of Indian summer monsoon for agricultural drought impact planning [1]
        River adjustment and flood hazards on the Colorado Front Range [1]
        River basin network model for conjunctive use of surface and groundwater, A: program CONSIM [1]
        RIVINT: an improved code for simulating surface/groundwater interactions with MODFLOW [1]
        Role of sediment in non-point source salt loading within the upper Colorado River Basin: combined completion report [1]
        Role of tributary ground water in irrigated crop production in the South Platte Basin: results from a survey, The [1]
        Runoff from forest and agricultural watersheds [1]
        Salt and drought-tolerant crop plants for water conservation [1]
        Salt balance analysis [1]
        Salt chemistry effects on salinity assessment in the Arkansas River Basin, Colorado [1]
        Salt transport in soil profiles with application to irrigation return flow: the dissolution and transport of gypsum in soils [1]
        Salt transport in the river [1]
        Screening methods for groundwater pollution potential from pesticide use in Colorado agriculture [1]
        Searching the social science literature on water: a guide to selecter information storage and retrieval systems - preliminary version [1]