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        Geochemical assessment of aquifer recharge effects in the southwest Denver basin [1]
        Geohydraulics at the unconformity between bedrock and alluvial aquifers [1]
        Geologic factors in the evaluation of water pollution potential at mountain dwelling sites [1]
        Geomorphic and lithologic controls of diffuse-source salinity, Grand Valley, western Colorado [1]
        Ground water recharge as affected by surface vegetation and management [1]
        Groundwater faunas as indicators of groundwater quality: the South Platte River system [1]
        Guidelines for developing area-of-origin compensation [1]
        HB12-1278 Study of the South Platte River alluvial aquifer [1]
        Heavy metal removal from waters by mountain meadow bogs [1]
        Hydraulic conductivity of mountain soils [1]
        Hydraulic operating characteristics of low gradient border irrigation systems [1]
        Hydraulics of low-gradient border irrigation systems [1]
        Hydrogeology and water quality studies in the Cache La Poudre Basin, Colorado [1]
        Hydrologic analysis and process-based modeling for the Upper Cache La Poudre River Basin [1]
        Hydrologic and water quality collection for Colorado's Upper Arkansas River basin [1]
        Identification of urban watershed units using remote multispectral sensing [1]
        Impact of irrigation water use on water quality in the Central Colorado Water Conservancy District [1]
        Impact of streamflow variability on the Colorado River system operation [1]
        Impacts of wastewater discharge to Fountain Creek on nitrate contamination in the Widefield aquifer [1]
        Improved estimates of economic damages from residential use of mineralized water [1]