Colorado conservationists formed the Colorado State Forestry Association, also known as the Colorado Forestry Association (CFA), in 1884 to support the conservation, management, and renewal of forests through the dissemination of educational materials, promotion of forestry legislation, and creation of forest reserves. The library’s archival collection consists of documents dated 1873 to 1933 and 1983 to 2005. It is primarily of correspondence of William G. M. Stone, CFA’s president from 1903 to 1916, with prominent conservationists, government officials and educators. This digital collection consists of the CFA newsletter from 1983 to 2005. Issues for 1983 are named Colorado Forestry Association, 1984 through September 2003 are named Colorado Forestry Association Newsletter, and starting in October 2003, the newsletter is named Forestry Journal.

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