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        "Die at home" : a contextualization and mapping of the New York City Draft Riots of 1863 [1]
        "Do you like my body?" : an interpersonal approach to the growth of bikini competitors on YouTube [1]
        "Even machines get a rest" : the commodification of the H-2A Indigenous sheepherder in Colorado's Western Slope [1]
        "If you're on good terms with those people, you'll always have a place to eat" : a Bourdieusian approach to food justice in a pay-what-you-can café [1]
        "It's just a cross, don't shoot" : White Supremacy and Christonormativity in a small Midwestern town [1]
        "Of a vale" [1]
        "Trigeminal : linked stories from Alexander M. Morrison" [1]
        #WhereAmI? : the synergy of social media engagement and cartosemiotic conduct [1]
        (Re)Defining movie ratings : acceptability, access, and boundary maintenance [1]
        3-chloro-p-toluidine hydrochloride metabolism and detection of exposure in birds [1]
        5-hydroxymethylcytosine and endonuclease G as regulators of homologous recombination [1]
        A binding deficit : value-directed remembering for item-specific vs. associative information [1]
        A bioeconomic and general equilibrium framework to address fishery management and invasive species [1]
        A case study of barriers inhibiting the growth of information and communication technology (ICT) in a construction firm [1]
        A combined field analysis and modeling approach for assessing the impact of groundwater pumping on streamflow [1]
        A comparison of methods to derive aggregated transfer factors : tested using wild boar data from the Fukushima prefecture [1]
        A comparison of NIOSH 7402 and the Tsai Diffusion Sampler for collecting and analyzing carbon nanotubes [1]
        A comparison of wearable measurement systems for estimating trunk postures in manual material handling [1]
        A comprehensive microbiome analysis of wheat and its wild relatives [1]
        A computational study of auto ignition, spark ignition and dual fuel droplet ignition in a rapid compression machine [1]