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        "Biofilmomics": functional protein expression in biofilm biotechnologies revealed by quantitative proteomics [1]
        "Cut her some slack.": examining twenty-first century ecofeminist digital opinion leader #AOC and the #GreenNewDeal [1]
        "France deserves to be free": constituting Frenchness in Marine Le Pen's National Front/National Rally [1]
        "I love discussing my work": a case study examining the use of discourse by eighth-grade students in writing workshop [1]
        "Indians don't get transplants": dialysis patient experience and political economic barriers to transplantation on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation [1]
        "Reclaiming our time, reclaiming our time!" Black women student affairs mid-level administrators talk supervision at predominantly white institutions [1]
        'False Bakken' interval- sediment patterns and depositional architecture at the facies boundary between siliciclastic mudstones and carbonates, Lodgepole Formation, Mississippian in the Williston Basin, ND [1]
        Abiding nourishment: vegetable production and the pursuit of nutritional sovereignty in Colorado [1]
        Academic capitalism and Jesuit higher education: a critical discourse analysis of mission statements [1]
        Academic engagement: university student athletes meta-analysis [1]
        Accelerating the BPMax algorithm for RNA-RNA interaction [1]
        Access control for IoT environments: specification and analysis [1]
        Active music making for patients with unilateral spatial neglect in the subacute stage of stroke [1]
        Additive manufacturing of an intervertebral disc repair patch to treat spinal herniation [1]
        Addressing constraints to restoration of highly disturbed ecosystems affected by cheatgrass invasion and slash pile burning [1]
        Advanced spectral processing for dual polarization weather radars [1]
        Advancing the science and practice of conserving hihiwai: using ecology and traditional ecological knowledge to identify and overcome threats to an endemic Hawaiian gastropod [1]
        Aggregator-based residential demand response applications and carbon tax imposition on fossil-fuel generators [1]
        Air concentration and bulked flow along a curved, converging stepped chute [1]
        Airborne radar quality control and analysis of the rapid intensification of Hurricane Michael (2018) [1]