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        "Biofilmomics": functional protein expression in biofilm biotechnologies revealed by quantitative proteomics [1]
        "Cut her some slack": examining twenty-first century ecofeminist digital opinion leader #AOC and the #GreenNewDeal [1]
        "En frente de la batalla": centering the voices of Latine frontline workers in defining, understanding, and addressing community needs and solutions in tourist regions in Colorado during the COVID-19 pandemic [1]
        "Exposure to respirable crystalline silica during five OSHA Table 1 tasks and the effectiveness of dust controls, the contribution of background silica dust to personal exposures, and the use of a photometric instrument to assess silica dust exposure in real time" [1]
        "For the love of all that is queer and holy": exploring the experiences and identity tensions of LGBTQ individuals within Christianity [1]
        "France deserves to be free": constituting Frenchness in Marine Le Pen's National Front/National Rally [1]
        "I am not a bad friend for having boundaries": exploring the need for and creation of support boundaries in friendships [1]
        "I love discussing my work": a case study examining the use of discourse by eighth-grade students in writing workshop [1]
        "Indians don't get transplants": dialysis patient experience and political economic barriers to transplantation on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation [1]
        "One nation under God?": a call for secular rhetorical criticism [1]
        "Reclaiming our time, reclaiming our time!" Black women student affairs mid-level administrators talk supervision at predominantly white institutions [1]
        "The scum of both nations": a Gaelic perception of gender and communities during the conquest of Ulster [1]
        "To boldly go where everyone else has gone before": the road to ADAPT [1]
        "You are young and can afford to do something stupid": fostering an understanding of electronic spin in chemistry [1]
        'Demand management' and injustice in rural agricultural irrigation in western Colorado: an anatomy of ambivalence [1]
        'False Bakken' interval- sediment patterns and depositional architecture at the facies boundary between siliciclastic mudstones and carbonates, Lodgepole Formation, Mississippian in the Williston Basin, ND [1]
        'One thing happens, and then another one comes right after.' Anthropological perspectives on vulnerability, resilience, and social justice for a Latinx community in post-Harvey Houston [1]
        250 years of climate-mediated ecological change in Santa Fe Lake, NM [1]
        316L stainlesss steel modified via plasma electrolytic oxidation for orthopedic implants [1]
        3D localization of cytoskeleton in mouse spermatids using stochastic optical reconstruction microscopy [1]