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        Wake up, beast [1]
        Waste heat driven turbo-compression cooling [1]
        Waste heat recovery from a high temperature diesel engine [1]
        Water oxidation catalysis beginning with cobalt polyoxometalates : determining the dominant catalyst under electrocatalytic conditions and investigation of the surface properties of Co3O4 nanoparticles [1]
        Weak Galerkin finite element methods for the Darcy equation [1]
        Weathering and soil properties on catenary sequences in forest and alpine ecosystems of the central Rocky Mountains [1]
        Weighting adjustments in surveys [1]
        What children do on the playground : a Rasch analysis approach to measurement on the playground [1]
        What factors affect school attendance? : quantitative and qualitative study of evidence from Nepal [1]
        What it was like when I was alive [1]
        What predicts day-to-day mindfulness of expectant mothers and fathers? [1]
        What's the story? : the effects of narratives in science classrooms [1]
        When the body starves [1]
        Where is their artistry? : artistic disposition and culturally responsive education in the twenty-first century secondary music classroom [1]
        Why prices matter : terms-of-trade, structural change, and development [1]
        Why women make the decision to become presidents at rural community colleges [1]
        Wildlife community occurrence, activity patterns, and interspecific interactions in response to energy development [1]
        Wisdom of the crowd : reliable deep reinforcement learning through ensembles of Q-functions, The [1]
        Within and between person effects of learning agility : a longitudinal examination of how learning agility impacts future career success [1]
        Wolakota : the face of ReZilience in "post"-colonial America [1]