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        3-chloro-p-toluidine hydrochloride metabolism and detection of exposure in birds [1]
        5-hydroxymethylcytosine and endonuclease G as regulators of homologous recombination [1]
        Aboveground woody biomass estimation of green ash trees (Fraxinus pennsylvanica Marsh.) along Colorado's Northern Front Range in response to the invasive emerald ash borer (Agrilus plannipenis Fairmaire) [1]
        Academic writing retreats for graduate students : a qualitative case study [1]
        Accurate dimension reduction based polynomial chaos approach for uncertainty quantification of high speed networks [1]
        Acting as one : voices in the renewal of clinical partnerships in educator preparation and research [1]
        Active radiation detectors for use in space beyond low earth orbit : spatial and energy resolution requirements and methods for heavy ion charge classification [1]
        Adapted group yoga intervention : the lived experience of individuals with chronic traumatic brain injury, An [1]
        Adaptive spatiotemporal data integration using distributed query relaxation over heterogeneous observational datasets [1]
        Addressing absorber quality in CD1-xMGxTE wide bandgap solar cells for tandem applications [1]
        Advanced Bayesian framework for uncertainty estimation of sediment transport models [1]
        Advances in statistical analysis and modeling of extreme values motivated by atmospheric models and data products [1]
        Advancing point-of-need bacteria detection using microfluidic paper-based analytical devices [1]
        Adverse childhood experiences and allostatic load in adolescence and emerging adulthood [1]
        Aerobic post-processing of digestate from a multi-stage anaerobic digester [1]
        Affect and effect of Internet memes : assessing perceptions and influence of online user-generated political discourse as media, The [1]
        Affinity maturation and characterization of novel binders to the HIV-1 TAR element based on the U1A RNA recognition motif [1]
        Agricultural manufacturing location decisions in Colorado : implications for rural economic development policy [1]
        Alexithymia, meaning, and well-being : how emotional processes relate to meaning in life and calling in career [1]
        All at once, just once [1]