Incorporated in 1901, the North Poudre Irrigation Company (NPIC) currently owns and manages 19 storage reservoirs and approximately 200 miles of ditches for northern Colorado agricultural and municipal owners. The collection documents NPIC through annual reports, stock certificates, financial records, legal documents, engineering reports, correspondence, meeting minutes, photographs, and maps. Also documented are two organizations which merged with NPIC, the Mountain Supply Ditch Company and the Box Elder Ditch and Reservoir Company, and groups in which NPIC participated. For more information see the finding aid.

The collection, with materials dated 1882 to 1997, contains annual reports, meeting minutes, early financial information, field survey books, reports, correspondence, legal records, earlier companies’ records, scrapbooks, and photographs. Halligan Reservoir and Fossil Creek Reservoir are common topics.

Recent Submissions

  • Sharp, Walter - Construction Company 

    Format:correspondence; sales records; telegrams
  • Number Seven Lateral Company 

    Creator(s):Number Seven Lateral Company, institution; Grable Lateral Company, institution
    Format:articles of incorporation; bylaws (administrative records); correspondence
  • Poudre Valley Reservoir Company 

    Creator(s):Poudre Valley Reservoir Company, institution; North Poudre Irrigation Company, institution
    Format:legal documents; maps
  • Park Creek Irrigation District 

    Creator(s):Park Creek Irrigation District, institution; North Poudre Irrigation Company, institution
    Format:legal documents
  • Northern Colorado Water Association 

    Creator(s):Northern Colorado Water Association, institution
    Format:articles of incorporation; bylaws (administrative records)
  • Northern Colorado Natural Resources Association 

    Format:lists (document genres)
  • Northern Colorado Water Association 

    Creator(s):Hill, Alden V., author; Northern Colorado Water Association, institution
    Format:articles of incorporation; bylaws (administrative records); legal documents; maps; correspondence
  • North Poudre Oil and Gas Company 

    Creator(s):Milliken, Carl S., author
    Format:legal documents
  • Wellington, Town of 

    Creator(s):Hill, Alden V., author; DMJM-Phillips-Reister, Inc., institution
    Date:1905-1911; 1973-1975
    Format:legal documents; correspondence; reports
  • Watrous, Whedbee, and Secord Ditch Company 

    Date:1882; 1910
    Format:legal documents
  • Windsor Reservoir and Canal Company 

    Format:legal documents
  • Water Supply and Storage Company 

    Creator(s):Water Supply and Storage Company, institution
    Format:reports; legal documents; lists (document genres)
  • Taylor and Gill Ditch Company 

    Creator(s):Taylor and Gill Ditch Company, institution
    Format:lists (document genres); legal documents; bylaws (administrative records); articles of incorporation; financial statements
  • Warren Lake Reservoir Company 

    Creator(s):Comstock, Charles W., author; Cogswell, F., author
  • Stuchell Laterals Company 

    Creator(s):Stuchell Laterals Company, institution
    Format:legal documents; bylaws (administrative records)
  • State Land Board 

    Creator(s):Colorado. State Board of Land Commissioners, institution
    Format:bulletins; correspondence; legal documents
  • Sunflower Products, Inc. 

    Creator(s):Jenks, C. G., author; Munroe, E. F., author; Newell, Stella M., author; Evans, L. E., author; United States. Bureau of Plant Industry, institution
    Format:correspondence; reports
  • State Engineer 

    Creator(s):Hinderlider, M. C. (Michael Creed), 1876-1967, author; Barnes, Fred J., author; Seaworth, Harlan, author; North Poudre Irrigation Company, institution; Colorado. Office of the State Engineer, institution
  • Spaulding, Frank, and Company 

    Creator(s):North Poudre Irrigation Company, institution
    Format:legal documents
  • North College Water Association 

    Creator(s):Cole, Marcella J., author; Chol, Marye E., author; Cox, Lawrence F., author; North College Water Association, institution
    Format:minutes (administrative records)

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