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        Data and code associated with “Supporting Adaptive Management with Ecological Forecasting: Chronic Wasting Disease in the Jackson Elk Herd” [1]
        Data associated with "Analysis of acoustic Doppler current profiler mean velocity measurements in shallow flows" [1]
        Data associated with "Constraining aerosol phase function using dual-view geostationary satellites" [1]
        Data associated with "Convective distribution of dust over the Arabian Peninsula: the impact of model resolution" [1]
        Data associated with "Environmental controls on tropical sea breeze convection and resulting aerosol redistribution" [1]
        Data associated with "Health and environmental justice implications of retiring two coal‐fired power plants in the southern Front Range region of Colorado" [1]
        Data associated with "Improved methods for single-molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization and immunofluorescence in Caenorhabditis elegans embryos" [1]
        Data associated with "Interpersonal relationships drive successful team science: an exemplary case-based study" [1]
        Data associated with "Lingual electrotactile discrimination ability is associated with the presence of specific connective tissue structures (papillae) on the tongue surface" [1]
        Data associated with "Methane emissions from gathering and boosting compressor stations in the U.S. Supporting volume 1: Multi-day measurements of pneumatic controller emissions" [1]
        Data associated with "Resilience and regime shifts: Do novel communities impede ecological recovery in a historically metal-contaminated stream?" [1]
        Data associated with "Simulating secondary organic aerosol in a regional air quality model using the statistical oxidation model – Part 3: Assessing the influence of semi-volatile and intermediate-volatility organic compounds and NOx" [1]
        Data associated with "The importance of extreme rainfall events and their timing in a semi-arid grassland" [1]
        Data associated with Boone (2020) "Hierarchical global plant biophysical regions as potential analysis units" [1]
        Data associated with Geomorphic controls on floodplain soil organic carbon in the Yukon Flats, interior Alaska, from reach to river basin scales [1]
        Data associated with Significant floodplain soil organic carbon along a large high latitude river and its tributaries [1]
        Data associated with the manuscript Using TES retrievals to investigate PAN in North American biomass burning plumes [1]
        Data associated with the manuscript: Influence of single-nanoparticle electrochromic dynamics on the durability and speed of smart windows [1]
        Data associated with the manuscript: Investigating diesel engines as an atmospheric source of isocyanic acid in urban areas [1]
        Data associated with “Adapting the COSP Radar Simulator to Compare GCM Output and GPM Precipitation Radar Observations” [1]