Recent Submissions

  • Longenbaugh, Robert 

    Contributor:Longenbaugh, R. A. (Robert A.)Waskom, R. M. (Reagan McTier); Kremen, Amy; Rettig, Patricia J.;
    Oral history interview with Robert Longenbaugh, primarily in relation to his knowledge of and experience with groundwater issues in Colorado and neighboring High Plains states concerning the Ogallala Aquifer. Longenbaugh ...
  • Ogilvie, Freda 

    Contributor:Ogilvie, FredaHansen, James E., 1938-; Medville, Susan A.;
    Oral history interview with Freda Ogilvie, wife of Fryingpan-Arkansas Project Project Manager and Denver Board of Water Commissioners Manager James Ogilvie. Tape 1, Side A - Ogilvie discusses her early life and education ...
  • Glover family 

    Contributor:Glover, Robert Maurice; Clark, Marjorie Carol; Glover, VirginiaHansen, James E., 1938-;
    Oral history interview with Robert E. Glover's children Marjorie Clark and Robert Morris Glover as well as Virginia Glover, R. M. Glover's wife. The interview focuses primarily on R. M. Glover's remembrances of his life ...
  • Evans, Norman A. 

    Contributor:Evans, N. A.Lange, Holley R.;
    Oral history interview with former Colorado Water Resources Research Institute Director Norman Evans. Tape 1, Side A - Evans discusses his family history in Montana and South Dakota and early career at Colorado State ...
  • Clark, Marjorie 

    Contributor:Clark, Marjorie CarolHansen, James E., 1938-;
    Marjorie Clark and an unidentified granddaughter of Robert Glover, likely Marjorie's daughter, reminisce about Marjorie's father Robert Glover. Topics include Glover's love of birdwatching, his penchant for planning and ...
  • Left Hand Ditch Company 

    Contributor:Gould, Frank R.Whitmore, Kenneth L.;
    Long-time Left Hand Superintendent Frank Gould discusses the history of the Left Hand Ditch Company, including the situation that lead to the landmark case Coffin vs. Lefthand Ditch Company, Left Hand's ongoing problems ...
  • Lower Boulder Ditch Company and Coal Ridge Ditch Company 

    Contributor:Bloom, AlWhitmore, Kenneth L.;
    Two interviews with Superintendent Al Bloom on November 7 and 29, 1990. Bloom discusses the history of the Lower Boulder Ditch Company, Coal Ridge Ditch Company, and Boulder and Weld Ditch Company, the companies' interactions ...
  • Parshall, Maxwell 

    Contributor:Parshall, Maxwell
    Audio and transcript of Maxwell Parshall's reminiscences about surveying for the Water Supply and Storage Company. Parshall mentions many ditches and reservoirs in Northern Colorado and members of the area's water community ...
  • Historical interview of 276 years of experience 

    Contributor:Johnson, Harvey G.; Watts, Robert; Spencer, HerbWhitmore, Kenneth L.; Watts, Debbie;
    Water Supply and Storage Company president and former Fort Collins mayor Harvey Johnson, Lake Canal Irrigation Company director Bob Watts, and North Poudre Irrigation Company director Herb Spencer discuss the history of ...
  • Anderson Ditch Company and New Anderson Extension 

    Contributor:Whitmore, Kenneth L.; Avery, GregBloom, Al;
    System tour by Anderson Ditch Company superintendent Al Bloom and Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District employee Ken Whitmore as recounted by Ken Whitmore. The tour begins at the Anderson Ditch diversion point from ...