These posters come from the exhibition "Images of China: East and West," which was sponsored by Metromedia, Inc., the company of collection donor John Kluge. The exhibition was developed for circulation by the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service and features posters from the post-Cultural Revolution era. 这些海报来自画展“中国形象:东方和西方。” 此巡回画展由史密森学会主办,Metromedia公司赞助。海报由约翰·克鲁格捐赠。所有海报是中国后文革时代的海报。

Recent Submissions

  • 起得早,锻炼身体好 

    Contributor:Zhou Rui Zhuang
    Child in green waving hands in front of large chicken, children in background waving arms with rocking horses, stylized blue trees
  • 友谊第一,比赛第二 

    Contributor:Huang Kun Yuan
    Two people embrace, both with medals and one with a trophy while others dive in the background.
  • 中国 

    Contributor:Schnyder, Jack
    Black poster with red dragon
  • 喜临门 

    Contributor:Gao Mi Xian Nian Hua Chuang Zuo Zu
    Woman carrying package in the door watched by two children. Man follows with similar package, crowd of people celebrate in the background, cherry blossoms and magpies in the sky.
  • 万物生长靠太阳 

    Contributor:Xie Zhi Gao; Hu Zhen Yu
    Mao Zedong stands in a field surrounded by various smiling people. He holds a ball of cotton and holds a young girl's hand.
  • 苍山脚下新书来 

    Contributor:Huang Miao Fa
    Two girls read a book in the foreground while sitting on a tractor while people gather in the background.
  • 公社大地绘新图 

    Contributor:Wang Wei Wu; Jiang Xian Hui
    People work on harvesting and processing wheat from the harvesting in the fields to move it and bale it .
  • 炼好身体 

    Contributor:Chen Cheng Qi
    Girl dances with large crowd dancing behind her as sun sets.
  • 张衡 

    Contributor:Shen Shao Lun
    Portrait of man in front of fade dragon and moon
  • 金山农民画 

    Contributor:Cao Xiu Wen; Li Cui Ying; Chen Mu Yun
    Eight separate images of nature and children in their communities
  • 牛郎织女 

    Contributor:Jin Mei Sheng
    Man in blue and woman in fine robes hold hands in the clouds with moon in the sky, bull in the background, surrounded by birds
  • 军民鱼水一家亲 

    Contributor:Zhou You Wu
    Two women, one holding a child with an apple greet each other. One woman in uniform.
  • 艰苦奋斗 

    Contributor:Wang Da Wei
    Young boy mends his shoe, model plane in background.
  • 光辉的道路, 灿烂的前程 

    Contributor:Shang Hai Ji Dian Yi Ju Gong Ren Mei Shu Chuang Zuo Zu
    Mao Zedong stands in front of a group of workers in a factory who wave and smile.
  • 毛主席和我们同劳动 

    Contributor:Yao You Xin; Wang Da Wen; Jin Guang Yu
    Mao Zedong stands in empty field with shovel watched by other laborers while people carry burdens in background.
  • 朵朵友谊花 

    Contributor:Yu Xiao Yi
    A group of children from different ethnicities gather behind a basket of flowers with a large crowd in the background
  • 沧海绿洲 

    Contributor:Lin Xi Ming
    People sit in circles in foreground in front of a forest where compound held and agriculture in the background.
  • 海底探宝 

    Contributor:Meng Xian Chang
    Two children in a futuristic submarine near the ocean floor surrounded by fish and sea life
  • 明灯照征程, 心连工农兵 

    Contributor:Qiu Rui Min
    Two women mend a net in the foreground with ocean scene in back with ships and birds.
  • 保卫海疆添力量 

    Contributor:Ding Yi Xin
    Submarine docked at port with flags, girls applaud soldiers talking to workers, seamen work, other ships and submarines in background

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