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        Colorado climate summary water-year series: October 1994-September 1995 [1]
        Colorado extreme storm precipitation data study: final report: summary of accomplishments and work performed February 15, 1995 through October 31, 1996 [1]
        Colorado growing season [1]
        Colorado monthly temperature and precipitation summary for period 1951-1970 [1]
        Colorado solar radiation data with supplemental climatic data [1]
        Colorado temperatures with degree day and growing season data [1]
        Components of infrared net radiation in a mountain valley [1]
        Cooperative solar radiation data collection program, Fort Collins, Colorado, June 1985-May 1986 [1]
        Daily climate data from the Fort Collins, Colorado, weather station on the campus of Colorado State University [1]
        Density of freshly fallen snow in the central Rocky Mountains [1]
        Development of a surface water supply index for the Western United States: final report [1]
        Development of climate profiles for reclamation [1]
        Economic impacts and analysis methods of extreme precipitation estimates for eastern Colorado [1]
        Fort Collins solar radiation data: January 1978 through December 1979 [1]
        Fort Collins solar radiation data: January 1980 through December 1982 [1]
        Fort Collins solar radiation data: May 1975 through December 1976 [1]
        Historical dry and wet periods in Colorado: (Part A: Technical Report) [1]
        Historical dry and wet periods in Colorado: (Part B: Appendices) [1]
        Hydroclimatic variability in the Rocky Mountain Region [1]
        Index of precipitation measurement sites in Colorado [1]