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        Saying and silence: listening to composition with Bakhtin [1]
        Science, bread, and circuses: folkloristic essays on science for the masses [1]
        Secrets of the greatest snow on earth: weather, climate change, and finding deep powder in Utah's Wasatch mountains and around the world [1]
        Securing a place for reading in composition: the importance of teaching for transfer [1]
        Self plus culture plus writing [1]
        Self+culture+writing: autoethnography for/as writing studies [1]
        Serendipity in rhetoric, writing, and literacy research [1]
        Seven demon stories from medieval Japan [1]
        Shared space, A: folklife in the Arizona-Sonora borderlands [1]
        She took off her wings and shoes: poems [1]
        Shorty's yarns: western stories and poems of Bruce Kiskaddon [1]
        Shoshonean peoples and the overland trails: frontiers of the Utah Superintendency of Indian Affairs, 1849-1869 [1]
        Situating portfolios: four perspectives [1]
        Sixteen teachers teaching: two-year college perspectives [1]
        Slender Man is coming: creepypasta and contemporary legends on the Internet [1]
        Sojourning in disciplinary cultures: a case study of teaching writing in engineering [1]
        Speaking up, speaking out: lived experiences of non-tenure track faculty in writing studies [1]
        Standing at the threshold: working through liminality in the composition and rhetoric TAship [1]
        Still life with rhetoric: a new materialist approach for visual rhetorics [1]
        Still, the small voice: narrative, personal revelation, and the Mormon folk tradition [1]