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        "Can we fix it?" : Bob the Builder as a discursive resource for children [1]
        "Playing school" : Latinos and role performance as students [1]
        "Too disconnected/too bound up" : the paradox of identity in Mercé Rodoreda's The Time of the Doves [1]
        A case study of social capital and collaboration as a communication process in an urban community-based ecological restoration project [1]
        A characterization of foodborne illness data, Denver Metropolitan Area, Colorado, 1986-1989 [1]
        A comparative analysis of alternative splicing in A. Thaliana and C. Reinhardtii [1]
        A concepts for calculus intervention : measuring student attitudes toward mathematics and achievement in calculus [1]
        A cost-benefit analysis of preventive management for zebra and quagga mussels in the Colorado-Big Thompson System [1]
        A cross-cultural comparison of visual landscape preferences for the natural environment [1]
        A diary study of self-esteem, social anxiety, interpersonal interactions and health risk behavior in college students [1]
        A divergent synthesis of secologanin derived natural products [1]
        A fiducial approach to extremes and multiple comparisons [1]
        A landscape-scale investigation into the risk of lodgepole pine mortality caused by mountain pine beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae (Coleoptera: Curculioidae: Scolytinae) [1]
        A mass balance approach to resolving the stability of LNAPL bodies [1]
        A meta-modeling approach to specifying patterns [1]
        A method to combine spaceborne radar and radiometric observations of precipitation [1]
        A methodology for estimating detectable change in water quality due to prescribed fire in northern Colorado [1]
        A multi-level code comprehension model for large scale software [1]
        A multisystem, longitudinal study of resilience factors and positive educational outcomes for Mexican youth [1]
        A new look at the Earth's radiation balance from an A-train observational perspective [1]