• Clinoptilolite, as a N, K, and Zn source for plants 

        Contributor:Lewis, Michael D.;
        Date Submitted:1981
        Clinoptilolite was tested for its capacity to enhance availability of N, K, and Zn in the production of vegetable and flower species. Ammonium charged zeolite and mixtures of zeolite plus ammonium sulfate or urea were ...
      • State licensing of fitness leaders in Colorado health clubs 

        Contributor:Legel, John Patrick;
        Date Submitted:1981
        The purpose of this study was to formulate a legal proposal for licensing of fitness leaders in Colorado health clubs. The subproblems were: 1) to identify present qualifications and educational backgrounds of currently ...
      • Untitled : pottery and drawing 

        Contributor:Veerkamp, Patrick B.;
        Date Submitted:1981
        My work originates from the personal experience and perception of the dichotomous nature of reality. My concern is with the interface of this twofold state. Metaphorically, I am exploring a hypothetical line of demarcation ...
      • Neighbor-scape 

        Contributor:Ambrose, Richard M.;
        Date Submitted:1981
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      • Determining the financial performance of private veterinary practices 

        Contributor:Höglund, Donald Lee
        Date Submitted:1981
        Determining the financial performance of a private veterinary practice requires first and foremost that a private practice be considered as a business enterprise. Veterinarians, while facing a maze of normal business ...