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        Breaking down the gates with participatory journalism: leveraging user-generated content for today's journalistic practices [1]
        Breeding Hard Winter Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) For High Grain Yield and High Grain Protein Concentration [1]
        Breeding success, prey use, and mark-resight estimation of burrowing owls nesting on black-tailed prairie dog towns: plague affects a non-susceptible raptor [1]
        Brewing analysis and quality control: development of an undergraduate course and integration within a university fermentation science and technology curriculum [1]
        Bridgeland stability of line bundles on smooth projective surfaces [1]
        Brillouin light scattering study of linear and nonlinear spin waves in continuous and patterned magnetic thin films [1]
        Bringing attention to carceral and criminal justice practices in Ghana: critical discourse analysis of international organizations’ texts [1]
        Bringing it all back home: Early Ceramic period residential occupation at the Kinney Spring Site (5LR144c), Larimer County, Colorado [1]
        Broadening the lens: a pilot study of student cognitive flexibility and intercultural sensitivity in short-term study abroad experiences [1]
        Brush-like surface using heparin/chitosan based nanoparticles for blood-contacting applications [1]
        Buck converter for on-chip reference generation [1]
        Budgets and expenditures in homemaking education in the Illinois vocationally approved schools [1]
        Building a prescribed fire program on the Colorado Front Range: the role of landowner engagement [1]
        Building capacity and integrating training, education and experience: the Fire Learning Network's Prescribed Burn Training Exchanges [1]
        Building character through type [1]
        Building drawings with patterns of processed stereotyped motifs [1]
        Building local confidence: the socioeconomic tasks of peacekeeping operations [1]
        Building the foundations for a physically based passive microwave precipitation retrieval algorithm over the US Southern Great Plains [1]
        Buildings-reflections, interior spaces [1]
        Bulk and interface vibrational Raman spectroscopy with coherence modulated optical susceptibilities [1]