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        Probabilistic foundation of nonlocal diffusion and formulation and analysis for elliptic problems on uncertain domains [1]
        Probabilistic framework for assessing vulnerability to climate variability and change: the case of the US water supply system, A [1]
        Probability structure and return period calculations for multi-day monsoon rainfall events at Subang, Malaysia [1]
        Probing bacteria life stages and quantitative assays using material platforms [1]
        Probing buried defects in zinc oxide nanoparticles using defect-mediated energy transfer [1]
        Probing folding/unfolding kinetics, reaction mechanism and thermodynamic stability of nucleic acid hairpins [1]
        Probing molecular kinetics using higher-order fluorescence correlation spectroscopy [1]
        Probing unconventional vesicular trafficking with K63-polyubiquitin sensors [1]
        Problematizing diversity in American education: language and curriculum as catalysts for change [1]
        Problems of mental causation and pluralist alternatives, The [1]
        Problems of the students at Colorado Agricultural and Mechanical College [1]
        Problems on decision making under uncertainty [1]
        Procedure for measurement of surficial soil strength via bevameter [1]
        Process by which combat-exposed student veterans achieve a meaningful and purposeful life, The [1]
        Process estimates of recollection and familiarity in working memory and episodic memory [1]
        Process for building the capacity of informal science education providers to engage Latinos, A [1]
        Process of proliferating change, The [1]
        Processes controlling the behavior of LNAPLs at groundwater surface water interfaces [1]
        Processes for determining the risk factors involved with the morbidity and mortality of the Southern stingray, Dasyatis americana, at an aquarium, The [1]
        Processes governing the performance of oleophilic bio-barriers (OBBs) – laboratory and field studies [1]