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        Culture and leadership in a public university setting: implications for shared governance and change [1]
        Culture wars? Applying categorical variation measures to the study of sociocultural and political polarization [1]
        Cumulative disaster exposure and coping capacity of women and their children in southeast Louisiana [1]
        Cumulative trauma and neuropsychological functioning: examining the role of resilience [1]
        Cumulus moistening, the diurnal cycle, and large-scale tropical dynamics [1]
        Curare as an adjuvant to general anesthesia in the dog [1]
        Current distribution and particle motion in a barbed plate electrostatic precipitator [1]
        Current industry perceptions of the role of the contractor in the LEED certification process [1]
        Currents [1]
        Curriculum organization of the Sargent consolidated high school [1]
        Cut off in chaos: communication and life-saving action amid rising rural water during the 2013 Colorado Floods [1]
        Cut with your eyes, glue with 'em too [1]
        Cuticular hydrocarbons as modulators of social interactions in honeybee colonies [1]
        Cytokines, antibodies and plasma viremia of cats infected with feline immunodeficiency virus [1]
        D-neighborhood complex of a graph, The [1]
        Dairy cow management and welfare: practices on dairy operations in the United States that may impact dairy cow welfare, lameness, and beef quality assurance [1]
        Dairy cow management systems: handling, health, and well-being [1]
        Dairy cow mortality [1]
        Dairy farm phosphorus recovery and re-use to reduce water quality risk and improve phosphorus cycling in agriculture [1]
        Dairy management decisions utilizing available evidence and information [1]