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        Day and night for cyanobacteria : systems and synthetic biology approaches to understanding and engineering Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 under day/night light cycles [1]
        DC electrical resistivity constraints on hydrostratigraphy in the lower South Platte River alluvial aquifer in northeastern Colorado [1]
        DDT and pyrethroid resistance in Xenopsylla cheopis (Rothschild), the Oriental rat flea in northern Uganda [1]
        Deactivation of ZSM-5 during catalytic fast pyrolysis of biomass [1]
        Dead trees do tell tales : investigations into the role of fires on archaeological site location and recognition in the Piney Creek Drainage of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem [1]
        Death and the family : testing Andean lineage tombs through cranial non-metrics [1]
        Death loss of pea fed lambs in the San Luis valley [1]
        Debris flow chronology and analysis of controls on debris flow occurrence in the Upper Colorado River valley, Rocky Mountain National Park, CO, A [1]
        Decentralized and dynamic community formation in P2P networks and performance of community based caching [1]
        Deciphering the Late Jurassic paleoenvironment through Re-Os isotope geochemistry of the Agardhfjellet Formation, Svalbard [1]
        Decision and learning in large networks [1]
        Decision support for anaerobic digestion installations at cattle operations in Colorado [1]
        Decision support system for cow-calf producers [1]
        Decision support systems for managing efficient irrigation water deliveries - a case study of irrigated agriculture in the Middle Rio Grande [1]
        Decoding U.S. media through framing theory : examining the coverage of Hugo Chavez in the New York Times and the Washington Times [1]
        Decolonizing transness in sport media : the frames and depictions of transgender athletes in Sports Illustrated [1]
        Decommission [1]
        Deconstructing homegardens : food sovereignty and development in northern Nicaragua [1]
        Decontaminating cobalt-60 from wounds [1]
        Decontamination of bioaerosols within engineering tolerances of aircraft materials [1]